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Answers to common questions


How do my flowers arrive?

You will receive your bouquet in a recycled jar or vase, so that they stay hydrated.  We will put your flowers in a pre-determined area so that they stay out of the elements.  We will do our best to notify you once they have been delivered.

When do you deliver flowers?

Delivers are made on Saturdays starting on August 22nd.  If you give us a heads-up, we can try to aim for a certain time.

Where do you deliver?

At this time, we deliver within a 10 mile radius of Groton, Massachusetts.

What precautions are you taking with COVID-19

During deliveries we wear masks, will socially distance and place flowers outside your door so as to be contact-free.

Why are your flowers more expensive than at the grocery store?

Well, this is a question a bit like "why is fast food cheaper than a farm to table restaurant?".  We are a small local business and take tremendous care in the growth, selection and assembly of what what flowers we deliver to you.  Each step in farm-grown  business is expensive and flows at the speed of Mother Nature.  What charge for is the process as well as the product.  It's worth it, we promise.

What will my bouquet look like?

We follow the bloom-cycle of our zone, and we cut whatever we feel is the best for the time of season.  You may certainly request a certain concentration of color.  We will do best to fulfill your needs.


Can I visit your farm?

We wish we could show you in person the beauty of what's growing, but with COVID-19 and insurance restrictions, we cannot allow visits at this time.  We promise we will take plenty of pictures, and please take a look at our album!

Can you deliver to a friend?

If they are in are 10-mile radius of Groton, Massachusetts, yes, we can!  Just give us 24 hours heads-up, and please let your friend know we are coming!

Can I transfer or gift a delivery?

Absolutely!  Just keep in mind that deliveries can only travel within a 10-mile radius of Groton, Massachusetts.  Please let the recipient know to expect us!