Growing Art from the Ground Up

We take "Growing Art from the Ground Up" very seriously here at Stempede.  We are a husband and wife team that start our flowers from seed in winter in order to bring you a work of art in summer.  Like most farming, what we do is a labor of love.  How do you feel when you are given a beautiful bouquet of flowers?  Pure joy!  We offer a variety of flowers that grow season-long on our three acres in Pelham, New Hampshire.  We grow over 300 varieties of dahlias and many varieties of garden roses.  We trial grow various other blooms every season to add to our floral feast that are delivered to your door.  What we grow we love, and we know it shows!


Flowers by Stempede

Understanding Local Flowers

At Stempede, we take great pride in keeping our flowers as cleanly-grown as possible.  The flowers you get from a grocery store are mass-grown and are HEAVILY treated with chemicals, to produce a flower that can sustain shipping from a long distance away and provide you with a lasting bloom.  While these flowers are cheap and convenient, you are not supporting a sustainable practice.  
At Stempede, our flowers are grown with care and are cut the evening before delivery to ensure they are at the peak of health when they arrive on your doorstep.  We hand select, and meld each flower into a personal bouquet.
You will not find flowers like our at the grocery store.  With the lack of heavy-spraying and chemical treating, our flowers will typically last between 5-8 days.  They will stay healthier if you keep your bouquet out of direct sun and change your water often.
Your are experiencing your flowers' swan song, and it will be spectacular.

Spring Roses

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